An EU-funded Project About Increasing Microalgae Biomass Production is Underway

We are pleased to announce the start of an EU-funded project where its goal is to develop new technologies (or knowledge) to increase microalgae biomass production; hence advance the research for more sustainable bio-fuels.

PRODIGIO-TechnicalAnnex-Section1-3Prodigio project, entitled ‘Developing early-warning systems for improved microalgae PROduction and anaerobic DIGestIOn’, is developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies. The project’s virtual kick-off meeting, organized by Institut de Ciències del Mar of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC-ICM), occurred in late January 2021 where the consortium, comprised of leading research centers from Europe and Taiwan, detailed its goals and expectations while explaining each partner’s individual roles and responsibilities. We are excited to start the project and we are looking forward to working with everyone involved.

As the process of monitoring a crucial task for bioprocess optimization, it will play a role in the digitization of future bio-based production systems. While these technologies are underdeveloped, system failure prediction technologies must be an integral part of monitoring schemes. Prodigio project will establish a base of knowledge for system failure prediction technologies, decode the triggers, identify early-warnings, define threshold values, and calculate warning times, which could contribute to increasing resource and energy efficiencies by more than 50%.

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