The main objective of PRODIGIO is to establish a knowledge base for the development of a system failure prediction technology that increases the performance of microalgae biomass production and anaerobic digestion systems and advance towards more favourable techno-economic, environmental and social performance to achieve more sustainable microalgae biogas.

Specific Objectives:

To simulate the failure of microalgae production and biomass conversion processes in lab-scale bioreactor systems.

To develop an innovative framework for the identification of early warning signals based on the analysis of causal interaction networks.

To establish causal interactions and quantify their strength in normal state, pre-failure state and failure state bioreactors.

To identify early-warning signals, define threshold values and calculate warning times.

To evaluate the potential of early warnings to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the microalgae biogas production chain.

To prepare a roadmap for further development of early warning technologies and planning for their future implementation.

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