Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation

Work Package 6 Tasks

The goal of WP6 is to give visibility to the results of the project towards research organisations and other stakeholders through communication, dissemination, and exploitation actions.
  • Task 6.1. Communication and dissemination activities 
    This task will cover all the effort to plan, implement, monitor, and sustain long-lasting visibility of the project through communication and dissemination of the different project activities. It will start by developing a ‘Communication and dissemination plan’ of project results including, among others, a project image manual, document templates, and project logo. The implementation of the strategic plan will produce a comprehensive set of tools (supports and channels) and content to diffuse key messages extracted from project activities to the identified target groups in a way that encourages them to integrate and utilize the project’s information and results into their organisations. An internal project communication and document repository platform, coupled to the project website will be set up, as well as an account on the different relevant social media channels. It will then move to create detailed communication content to inform target groups about project results. In addition, the consortium will be actively looking for opportunities to publish in specialised media as well as attend and present at relevant conferences, workshops, and events to showcase the project and its results. A final conference will be held in order to communicate and disseminate the project’s results. The general public, stakeholders, and experts related to valorisation of waste streams, project participants from related projects, and local and regional policymakers will be invited.
  • Task 6.2. Exploitation and IPR management of the project’s results
    How the exploitation will be handled and IPR managed will be bundled in a ‘Preliminary Plan for Exploitation of results’, summarizing all rights and obligations related to IP, accepted and signed by each of the partners, as well as will include a roadmap to exploit relevant results and detailed information how the individual partners will benefit from the project outcomes and how they will accomplish expected final TRLs. The exploitation of the project results will be monitored specifically by the Innovation, Exploitation and Communication Manager (IE&CM), chaired by IDC, to maximise the PRODIGIO impact and implementation. The Plan for Exploitation of Results will be updated by the board and a final plan for exploitation of the results and its IPR beyond the project will be provided.
  • Task 6.3 Stakeholder platform and collaboration with EU projects
    This task will cover the efforts made to develop a stakeholder platform to actively reach out to and integrate feedback of relevant stakeholders beyond the project, with a specific emphasis on communication and collaboration with other projects funded under the H2020 programme, specifically under the programme part “Secure, clean and efficient energy” related to the development of advanced biofuel technologies. The stakeholder platform will be centralized through the project website. It will serve to collect recommendations from stakeholders regarding the technologies developed by the project and implement them in the project’s innovation strategy. All project partners, monitored by IDC and the other managing partners will actively seek projects related to PRODIGIO, establish contact with their project coordinators and invite them to participate in the different stakeholder activities. This active seeking of collaboration with other relevant research projects and the establishment of the stakeholder platform will allow strong channels to promote and share the results of the project to relevant stakeholders interested in integrating them into their organisations throughout the European Union.

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