Description of the Entity

The National Taiwan University (NTU) is a national university located in Taipei City, Taiwan. A top-ranked university in Asia, NTU is the most prestigious comprehensive university in Taiwan. The National Taiwan University has a total of 11 colleges, 3 professional schools (dentistry, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy), 56 departments, 112 graduate institutes, 18 Master’s and PhD degree programs, and over 50 research centres. The Institute of Oceanography was established in 1968, situated at the NTU main campus. Its faculty and staff are committed to academic excellence and social responsibility by studying and protecting the marine environment, promoting the sustainable utilization of marine resources, and conserving marine ecosystems. The Institute has promoted integrative and interdisciplinary research and education of marine sciences in Taiwan.

The Division of Marine Biology embraces education and research on a broad spectrum of marine biological sciences, including marine biodiversity, ecosystem functions, marine ecology, evolution of marine organisms, and fisheries science and management. Its goal is to provide required knowledge and rational solutions to societal challenges. The main research areas are:

  1. the impacts of global climate change,
  2. marine conservation biology, and
  3. sustainable fisheries management.
Role in the Prodigio Project

NTU’s role in the project is related to theoretical ecology and EcoInformatics for the study of microbial interactions and functions. The Institute of Oceanography at NTU holds is renowned for its causal detection methods and empirical dynamic modelling for time series data analysis aimed at addressing fundamental questions of ecology, evolution and socio-economy.

The Team

Prof. Chih-hao Hsieh is the director at the NTU Institute of Oceanography. He has a PhD in Biological Oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He has been a professor since 2014 and has participated in numerous projects related to statistics, theoretical ecology, and biological oceanography. He published and contributed in over 100 publications in leading journals such as Nature, Science, PNAS, and Global Change Biology. In partnership with Prof. George Sugihara, Prof. Hsieh is one of the developers of the Empirical Dynamic Modeling for causal detection and other cutting-edge techniques for quantifying interaction networks in nonlinear dynamical systems.

Prof. Chun-Wei Chang is the assistant professor at the NTU Institute of Oceanography. He is a Ph.D., International Graduate Program for Earth System Science, National Central University and Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He has participated in numerous research related to:

  • Ecosystem-based management of fishery resources under global climate change ;
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in aquatic ecosystems ;
  • Long-term ecological research and water resource sustainability ;
  • Nonlinear time series analysis ;
  • Reconstruction of biological interaction network

He published and contributed in over 20 publications in leading journals such as Nature, Science, PNAS, and Global Change Biology.

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