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Training in microalgae-related industrial processes

July 1 - July 5

PRODIGIO - UAL Training in microalgae-related industrial processes

This is an intensive course about microalgae-based processes, on which expertise from academia and industry explain the major aspects of these processes. The course will cover all the aspects related to microalgae-based processes, from (i) the modelling of strains and light utilization, to (ii) the design and operation of photobioreactors, (iii) harvesting and processing of the biomass to achieve reliable and high-value products, and (iv) scale-up to commercial size. Fundamental and practical aspects will be covered always including the participation of internationally recognised researchers, and young researchers and the exchange of experiences between the assistants. Lecturers have extensive experience in bioeconomy, climate change, and the development of processes that will make industrial production more sustainable in the future.

The course is oriented towards PhD students or equivalent experience students in microalgae biotechnology and chemical engineering fields from whatever fundamental area as microbiology, biology or biological/ biochemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry. The course is also intended to allow those working in the industry to upgrade their knowledge in microalgae biotechnology.


  1. To provide the basic knowledge, and needed skills to grow microalgae, characterize the biomass and conceptualize microalgae processes.
  2. To demonstrate the feasibility of microalgae-related processes and identify the markets in which these processes can be suitable.
  3. To provide access to real data and experience of microalgae-related industrial processes.