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International Society for Applied Phycology

August 1, 2022

EU projects devoted to the elucidation of microalgae-bacteria interactions in large-scale systems

Microalgae are mainly used in human-related applications such as the production of cosmetics, nutraceuticals and foods. However, they have a large potential to contribute to other relevant applications such as the production of biopesticides, biostimulants or aquafeed. To further develop these applications the production of low cost and sustainable microalgae biomass is required. To facilitate this, the utilization of open reactors, the reuse of effluents and optimization of production/harvesting and downstream processing technologies are required. In this sense, biological concerns such as microbial interactions or emerging predators, along with engineering aspects are also critical and have to be improved not just in terms of capacity and efficiency but also in terms of robustness. Accordingly, the PRODIGIO AND DIGITALGAESATION projects are designed to enhance microalgal biotechnology and develop new approaches for large-scale applications.

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August 1, 2022